Project Breakdown

This may not be a super exciting entry, as I will be carving up SagaSim into a bunch of pieces to determine what I need to tackle individually. This list will probably change over time, and once I settle on a good project management system, I’ll turn all of them into tasks/projects in it. Gotta have something to motivate and organize here. With my blather out of the way, on to the actual breakdown.

I envision SagaSim as being made up of multiple high-level modules, and then submodules. There are two overarching components to the entire project: the world generation, from the terrain all the way down to individual characters; and the simulation, which controls the interactions of everything that’s been generated.

  • World Generator
    • Noise Generator
    • Noise Normalizer
    • Terrain Generator
    • Climate Generator
    • River Generator
    • Biome Generator
    • Resource Generator
    • Species Generator
      • DNA Model
      • Generalization Classes
      • Species Metaprogram
      • Species Placement Module
    • Civilization Generator
      • Technology Model
      • Sociology Model
        • Religion Model
      • Economy Model
      • Policy Model
      • Civilization Placement Module
    • Character Generator
      • Personality Generator
      • Trait Model
      • Family Model
  • Simulation Engine
    • Species Simulator
    • Civilization Simulator
      • Sociology Simulator
        • Attitude Simulator
      • Economy Simulator
        • Resource Simulator
        • Labor Simulator
        • Commerce Simulator
      • Political Simulator
        • War Simulator
        • Policy Simulator
      • Religion Simulator
      • Technology Simulator
      • Character Simulator
        • Interpersonal Simulator
        • Family Simulator
    • World Simulator
      • Disaster Simulator
      • Disease Simulator


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