Temporary Downtime

There will be some downtime over the next few days as the server (read: Raspberry Pi) on which this site runs is being moved to a new location. Should be down 48 hours at the most. Read more →

Back from the Dead

It’s been ages since I’ve done anything here. I’ve been busy with other things. That’s no excuse, though, is it? As of this post, I’ve migrated this site to the same server where I host everything else of mine, which will let me save a little money. Going to install a project management plugin and start recording progress here. Evaluating LOVE as a new engine to migrate my existing work to and move forward, as I’ve reached the limits of my frustration with Pygame. Read more →

It’s Alive!

It’s been a long time since my last update. Rest assured, I’m not dead, I’ve just been busy with that other game we all love known as “real life.” That said, it’s not that I’ve gotten nothing done on SagaSim. I’ve done very little programming but I’ve been brainstorming other aspects. In particular, I’ve developed the species system in more detail, specifically dealing with traits. In the previous entry, I laid out how the DNA system works. Read more →

The Origin of Species

We still aren’t simulating anything yet, but we’re getting there, slowly but surely. When I started this project, I knew simulating life forms would be an essential part of it–not just the intelligent ones that would give rise to civilizations, but the plants and animals that form the critical ecosystems and food chains to support those civilizations. I got suck for quite a while on exactly how to accomplish it. Early on, I decided I would want to use some kind of DNA-like system, in which a string of data represented everything SagaSim needed to know about the species. Read more →

Project Breakdown

This may not be a super exciting entry, as I will be carving up SagaSim into a bunch of pieces to determine what I need to tackle individually. This list will probably change over time, and once I settle on a good project management system, I’ll turn all of them into tasks/projects in it. Gotta have something to motivate and organize here. With my blather out of the way, on to the actual breakdown. Read more →

Hot Air About Water

Water is obviously an important chemical for any world to sustain life as we know it. It’s why so much of SagaSim’s world generation revolves around the distribution of water. Up to this point, we have oceans and inland lakes, but we’ve not discussed rivers, nor assignment of biomes. Both of these are influenced by climate, and biomes are also influenced by rivers. I will discuss how each is generated. Read more →

Mountains from Pixels, Rain from Math

With terrain generation done, along with the segregation of land and water, we can move on to more complex matters. Here’s where things become more subjective and creative. What terrain types are necessary? How do we handle climate? I decided to start with basic terrain types contingent on elevation. At the lowest level is water, which isn’t really a “terrain,” but it’s there for the sake of making the terrain map look sensible. Read more →

Water & Earth

Thus far, I’ve explained the basic premise of SagaSim and described how to generate a basic landscape through fractal noise. Now, it’s time to put that noise to work and create land masses! One of the input parameters to the world generator is “water percentage.” Maybe you want a world that’s like Earth, where roughly 70% of the surface is covered by water. Maybe you want much more land, so you go down to 50%. Read more →

Make Some Noise

One of my goals for this blog is to have almost everything written in such a way that non-programmers can understand it. If I make especially technical posts, I will probably put them under their own category and not have them be essential reading in order to comprehend the project’s components or the project as a whole. With that said, the basic starting point of procedurally generating a world via a computer program is create the world map, starting with terrain. Read more →

Welcome to the SagaSim development blog!

I’m bad at introductions, so I’ll just get to the point. This is a blog about the development of SagaSim, which might best be described as a “world simulator.” It is currently under active development, and all the features aren’t even planned yet. I’m just working my way through it, one step at a time. Maybe it will be successful, maybe it won’t, but it’s already been quite a learning experience. Read more →